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Tips & Facts

DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER to clean your awnings, it can cause damage to the seams.
* Follow Sunbrella's approved Care and Cleaning Solutions for your cover to maintain the warranty.
* Proper Maintenance with 303 Products will add to the life of the fabric, and save you money.
* Sunbrella Fabrics come treated from the factory.
* Time between cleanings varies, depending on environment. If leaks, mold or streaks appear, it's time to clean and seal your cover.
* Request Aqua-Seal thread (Aqua-Seal polyester thread and bobbins when used as a system provides a strong deterrent to seam leakage. Aqua-Seal thread is colorfast, UV resistant, and non-wicking. When Aqua-Seal thread is used with its pre-wound bobbin, it fills the needle holes as the fabric is stitched) for any exposed seams used when rain coverage is required.
* Consider a Metal cover. Metal requires less cleaning and has a longer lifespan.
* Compare the differences between steel pipe frames and aluminum frame work. Verify gauge and dimensions of aluminium being used.
* Request written documentation of the company’s Workers Compensation Policy#, Specialty Contractors License#, and General Commercial Liability Policy#. Hire an experienced licensed electrician to install your fans, and run your outdoor electrical options.
* Visit some current customer’s houses and stores to see and hear their experience firsthand. This is a long term investment, and often ends up being the favorite part of the house or business when done the right way.